Enquête sur les prisons et la justice du Japon   2020   France Prison life: Justice in Japan
Prison life: Justice in Japan Image Cover
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Director:Marie Linton
Studio:Nova Production
Writer:Remi Buquet, Marie Linton, Yumiko Seki
IMDb Rating:6.4 (42 votes)
Duration:55 min
Languages:French, Japanese
Marie Linton  ...  (Director)
Remi Buquet, Marie Linton, Yumiko Seki  ...  (Writer)
Jake Adelstein  ...  Self
Keiko Aoki  ...  Self
Carlos Ghosn  ...  Self - Former CEO, Renault-Nissan
Iwao Hakamada  ...  Self
Mark Karpelès  ...  Self
Masako Mori  ...  Minister of Justice
Thomas Saritskas  ...  Self
Parigo  ...  Composer
Frederic Ballard  ...  Cinematographer
Christophe Barreyre  ...  Cinematographer
Wissam Charaf  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: If a prisoner breaks a rule, like folding their futon improperly, they are made to regret their mistake by sitting and doing nothing

Japan will always be a mythological bizarro-land. Westerners will never understand their sense of, and commitment to, discipline

Gotta wonder if the Japanese set this up, and went over the prisons with a fine toothed comb and a toothbrush before allowing access. They do look more immaculate than any Motel 6 I've ever stayed at

Quite a few times the realities of the Japanese "Justice System" leak out in this Doc about prisons, and it's somehow also about a famous European hustler who 'supposedly' broke Japanese law, so the focus jumps around a bit, but it's pretty entertaining

Watch the film I just Didn't Do It for a harrowing dramatization of the Japanese 99% conviction rate Justice System this doc talks about. It's like, if they accuse you of something they consider it rude for you to disagree with them, and will hold it against you LOL

Summary: Last year Carlos Ghosn publicly condemned the "unjust" judicial system and the "inhumane" penitentiary system in Japan which the former CEO of Renault-Nissan experienced recently.

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