Aterrados   2017   Argentina Terrified
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Director:Demián Rugna
Studio:Machaco Films, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA)
Writer:Demián Rugna
IMDb Rating:6.5 (19,212 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 8 nominations
Duration:87 min
Demián Rugna  ...  (Director)
Demián Rugna  ...  (Writer)
Maximiliano Ghione  ...  Comisario Funes
Norberto Gonzalo  ...  Jano
Elvira Onetto  ...  Mora Albreck
George L. Lewis  ...  Rosentock
Julieta Vallina  ...  Alicia
Demián Salomón  ...  Walter
Agustín Rittano  ...  Juan
Natalia Señorales  ...  Clara
Matias Rascovschi  ...  Niño
Lorenzo Langer  ...  Patricio
Bruno Giacobbe  ...  Hombre Pálido
Laura Manzaneda  ...  Oficial Vanesa
Ariel Chavarría  ...  Oficial Enrique
Hugo Halbrich  ...  Masiero
Fernando Díaz  ...  Razzioni
Fabián Forte  ...  Enfermero Fulero
Demián Rugna  ...  Composer
Mariano Suárez  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Not up to When Evil Lurks, but it was on its way. This is a paranormal thing, with theories about it. Dark, with barely visible and seldom used creatures, it relies on super obvious music cues, which is okay because they are effective, but there isn't much that really jolts. Best to jump on Maximiliano Ghione's character and how scared he is. He doesn't like the paranormal stuff and is upfront about how scared he is, bringing fun, if not comical stylings to the show

Summary: When strange events occur in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex police officer decide to investigate further.

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