2012   Netherlands Lioness in Exile
Lioness in Exile Image Cover
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Director:Kim Wolhuter
Writer:Benoit Demarle, Bertrand Loyer
Duration:52 min
Location:Malilangwe Game Reserve, Zimbabwe
Comments: Nduna or Unduna Pride— All the stories for these kind of things are manufactured but this one brings receipts. Some questionable soundtrack choices but the narration is lovely, and female. Shot well and looks very nice

Summary: Soon after we meet Manyari, the queen of her pride, she does something both unusual and bold: She leaves the sanctuary of the clan with her young cubs and takes them on a dangerous odyssey. She makes a bid to escape because two young bloods are sniffing around, and if they take over the pride, they will kill her cubs

Out in the wilderness, away from the protection of the pride male and without her sister to help her hunt, Manyari is forced to take huge risks. Badly injured, she so nearly pays the ultimate price. The cubs are starving, and wander back dangerously close to the young princes.

As Manyari fights for her cubs survival, her every move is shadowed by these marauding nomads. They know she’s out there and they want her back. Yet the exiled Queen: hunter, killer, sister, lover but above all selfless mother, continues to take dangerous risks – to give her cubs a few more precious months of life.

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