Je tu il elle   1974   Belgium, France I, You, He, She
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Director:Chantal Akerman
Studio:French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paradise Films
Writer:Chantal Akerman, Eric De Kuyper, Paul Paquay
IMDb Rating:6.7 (2,870 votes)
Duration:86 min
Chantal Akerman  ...  (Director)
Chantal Akerman, Eric De Kuyper, Paul Paquay  ...  (Writer)
Chantal Akerman  ...  Julie
Niels Arestrup  ...  Truck-driver
Claire Wauthion  ...  Girlfriend
Bénédicte Delesalle  ...  Cinematographer
Renelde Dupont  ...  Cinematographer
Charlotte Szlovak  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: meh

Summary: 'Je' is a girl voluntarily lock up in a room. 'Tu' is the script. 'Il' is a lorry driver. 'Elle' is the girlfriend.

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