2021   Germany Lions versus Hyenas
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Director:Reinhard Radke
Studio:NDR Naturfilm
Writer:Reinhard Radke
Duration:90 min
Reinhard Radke  ...  (Director)
Reinhard Radke  ...  (Writer)
Martin Lingnau  ...  Composer
Ingmar Süberkrüb  ...  Composer
Reinhard Radke  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: 2021: Lions versus Hyenas – Duel of the Hunters (NDR, ZDF Studios, 50 Minuten)
2021: Lions versus Hyenas – Clash of the Clans (NDR, ZDF Studios, 50 Minuten)

Summary: Duel of the Hunters
Some lions have hidden their cubs between rocks and boulders. The many crevices offer ideal hiding places, so the lionesses are able to spread out far and wide into the surrounding grasslands. This is where they run into their neighbors and enemies, a large clan of around 80 spotted hyenas.

‘Duel of the hunters’ tells the story of lioness and hyena mothers that need to get their helpless offspring through their first tough months of life. Quickly it becomes clear that they both make use of completely contrasting strategies

Clash of the Clans:
A year has passed since the lionesses of the ‘Boulder Pride’ bore their cubs. The youngsters have gotten much bigger and, amazingly, all nine have survived. But the lions in the northern savannah on the border of Kenya and Tanzania have a problem: new males have taken over the territory, expelling the members of the boulder pride. Now they must hunt without the support of the rest of their family – closely followed by their arch-rivals, the hyenas always on their tails


Although behavioural scientists have been studying and documenting the ecology of African predators for years, few animals are so misunderstood by the public as lions and hyenas. We are all familiar with the cliché of lions as the noble ‘kings of the savannah’ against the hyenas’ reputation of being cowardly devious scavengers.

The two-part series Lions versus Hyenas corrects this misconception and provides a fresh perspective of these ancient adversaries. Reality often proves to be the opposite of viewers’ frequently held prejudices.

Wildlife filmmaker and long-time Africa expert Reinhard Radke has long been fascinated by documenting the conflict between lions and hyenas, showing the adaptations of these rivals, their different hunting techniques, and family structures. The result is an impressive portrait of two extraordinary, often misunderstood, competitors and hunters.

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