Brève traversée   2001   France Brief Crossing
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Director:Catherine Breillat
Studio:GMT Productions
Writer:Catherine Breillat
IMDb Rating:7.0 (833 votes)
Awards:3 wins
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:80 min
Catherine Breillat  ...  (Director)
Catherine Breillat  ...  (Writer)
Sarah Pratt  ...  Alice
Gilles Guillain  ...  Thomas
Marc Filipi  ...  Magicien
Laëtitia Lopez  ...  Assistante magicien
Marc Jablonski  ...  Cuisinier du self
Christelle Dacosta  ...  Douanier Français
Nicholas Hawtrey  ...  Vieil anglais
Franck Lemaitre  ...  Serveur de la boite
Philippe Quaisse  ...  Photographe
Jean-Claude Cavelier  ...  Serveur de la boite
Alexandre Le Balidec  ...  Douanier Français
Eric Gautier  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Desire for a subject that functions like a brief fling with no future as such, yet embellished by that very fact. Because something fleeting and futureless is not necessarrily pathetic or trivial. A brief crossing, perhaps an initiatory trip. Filming a guy's "first time", filming him like a girl. Gut level skin deep... Nostalgia for vast ocean liners, for places "beyond the law" where you can venture outside of life, safe within an interlude. Describing a passion while respecting classical tragedy's unity of time and place, setting the stage for the eternal play of Masculine/Feminine. A hot-blooded Latin temperatment versus an apparently cool English one. A ship - one night - Sudden intimacy between an Englishwoman whose complexion is frosted by bitterness and a teenager whose gaze glows like ardent coals.

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