Les Anges exterminateurs   2006   France Exterminating Angels
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Director:Jean-Claude Brisseau
Studio:TS Productions
Writer:Jean-Claude Brisseau
IMDb Rating:5.6 (1,219 votes)
Duration:100 min
Jean-Claude Brisseau  ...  (Director)
Jean-Claude Brisseau  ...  (Writer)
Frédéric van den Driessche  ...  François
Maroussia Dubreuil  ...  Charlotte
Lise Bellynck  ...  Julie
Marie Allan  ...  Stéphanie
Sophie Bonnet  ...  La femme de François
Raphaële Godin  ...  Apparition 1 / Rebecca
Margaret Zenou  ...  Apparition 2
Jeanne Cellard  ...  La grand-mère
Virginie Legeay  ...  Virginie
Estelle Galarme  ...  Olivia
Marine Danaux  ...  Agnès
Apolline Louis  ...  Céline
François Négret  ...  L'ami de Stéphane
Christophe Maillard  ...  Le producteur
Françoise Bonnet  ...  La voisine escalier
Smadar Sayar  ...  
Naama Schendar  ...  
Danny Geva  ...  
Wilfrid Sempé  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: From the director who scandalized France with SECRET THINGS, comes THE EXTERMINATING ANGELS, a film that will shock you, make you think and turn you on. Francois is a filmmaker holding auditions for his upcoming film about female pleasure. He expects the process to be unconventional but cannot predict the danger that so much arousal can cause. As his female cast embarks on a journey of intense physical pleasure-seeking they become emotionally involved with the director and each other. This film brings new meaning to the warning to never mix business with pleasure.

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