2005   Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil Rosario Tijeras
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Director:Emilio Maillé
Studio:Dulce Compania
Writer:Marcelo Figueras, Jorge Franco Ramos
IMDb Rating:6.3 (1,238 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 2 nominations
Duration:126 min
Emilio Maillé  ...  (Director)
Marcelo Figueras, Jorge Franco Ramos  ...  (Writer)
Flora Martínez  ...  Rosario Tijeras
Unax Ugalde  ...  Antonio
Manolo Cardona  ...  Emilio
Rodrigo Oviedo  ...  Jonhefe
Alonso Arias  ...  Ferney
Alejandra Borrero  ...  Doña Ruby
Alex Cox  ...  Donovan
Helios Fernández  ...  Viejo
Enrique Sarasola  ...  Juez
María Teresa Gómez  ...  Enfermera
Cristina Lilley  ...  Mamá de Emilio (as Kristina Lilley)
Sebastián Ospina  ...  Papá de Emilio
Carlos Andrés Cadavid  ...  Pato
Catalina Aristizábal  ...  Greta
Fabio Restrepo  ...  Taxista (as Fabio Iván Restrepo)
Kristina Lilley  ...  Mamá de Emilio
Pascal Marti  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Medellín, 1989. Antonio brings Rosario to the hospital; she's shot, bleeding badly. Flashbacks, mixed with Antonio's wait at the hospital during her surgery, tell the story: Antonio and Emilio are friends; Emilio attracts women, but is never serious about any until he meets Rosario, who has a mysterious connection to the underworld. Emilio falls for Rosario; she likes him, but she keeps their relationship compartmentalized, apart from her work. Antonio is the loyal friend who slowly falls in love with her and sticks by her in ways Emilio is incapable of. She begins to see that real love might be possible. Is it all moot in Medellín's violent landscape, or is there hope?

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