2000   Germany Traffic
Traffic Image Cover
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Director:Steven Soderbergh
Studio:Bedford Falls Productions
Writer:Simon Moore, Stephen Gaghan
IMDb Rating:7.7 (96,364 votes)
Awards:Won 4 Oscars. Another 59 wins & 57 nominations
Duration:147 min
Languages:English, Spanish
Steven Soderbergh  ...  (Director)
Simon Moore, Stephen Gaghan  ...  (Writer)
Benicio Del Toro  ...  Javier Rodriguez
Jacob Vargas  ...  Manolo Sanchez
Andrew Chavez  ...  Desert Truck Driver
Michael Saucedo  ...  Desert Truck Driver
Tomas Milian  ...  General Arturo Salazar
Jose Yenque  ...  Salazar Soldier / Torturer
Emilio Rivera  ...  Salazar Soldier #2
Michael O'Neill  ...  Lawyer Rodman
Michael Douglas  ...  Robert Wakefield
Russell G. Jones  ...  Mark
Lorene Hetherington  ...  State Capitol Reporter #1
Eric Collins  ...  State Capitol Reporter #2
Beau Holden  ...  CalTrans DEA Agent
Peter Stader  ...  CalTrans DEA Agent
James Lew  ...  CalTrans DEA Agent
Catherine Zeta-Jones  ...  
Steven Soderbergh  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A modern day look at America's war on drugs told through four separate stories that are connected in one way or another. A conservative politician who's just been appointed as the US drug czar learns that his daughter is a drug addict. A trophy wife struggles to save her husband's drug business, while two DEA agents protect a witness with inside knowledge of the spouse's business. In Mexico, a corrupt, yet dedicated cop struggles with his conscience when he learns that his new boss may not be the anti-drug official he made himself out to be.

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