L'Humanité   1999   France Humanité
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Director:Bruno Dumont
Studio:3B Productions
Writer:Bruno Dumont
IMDb Rating:6.8 (1,772 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Drama, Mystery
Duration:148 min
Bruno Dumont  ...  (Director)
Bruno Dumont  ...  (Writer)
Emmanuel Schotté  ...  Pharaon De Winter
Séverine Caneele  ...  Domino
Philippe Tullier  ...  Joseph
Ghislain Ghesquère  ...  Police Chief
Ginette Allegre  ...  Eliane
Daniel Leroux  ...  Nurse
Arnaud Brejon de la Lavergnee  ...  Conservationist
Daniel Petillon  ...  Jean, the cop
Robert Bunzi  ...  English cop
Dominique Pruvost  ...  Angry worker
Jean-Luc Dumont  ...  CRS
Diane Gray  ...  British traveller
Paul Gray  ...  British traveller
Sophie Vercamer  ...  Worker
Murielle Houche  ...  Worker
Yves Cape  ...  Cinematographer
Richard Cuvillier  ...  Composer
Comments: I don't know what this was about, or what the director was trying to say; it was boring if you're after some plot or story. There was one there, but all together there was about 5 minutes spent disclosing it. The 'ending' was silly, trying to be provocative without any real reason. But I don't care. Pharaon gives Joseph a big smooch to thank him for giving him Domino? I guess.

Emmanuel Schotté as Pharaon is a masterpiece. He lets you see inside his head. His walk is modern dance. I can't imagine him being anything else but this character. All three of the main men were masters of the facial expression. So subtle. The sound design is spectacular, I noticed it as much as anything else.

The scene where Pharaon plays his little electric piano is stunning. So many of the scenes which seemed to have nothing to do with anything ... except humanity? ... were stunning.

Summary: In a town near Lille, melancholy police superintendent Pharaon De Winter lives with his mother. An 11-year-old girl has been raped and murdered. Over the next week, De Winter investigates and grieves, his face nearly expressionless. He bikes, he gardens. He accompanies his neighbors, Joseph and Domino, to dinner and to the seaside; he even observes them in vigorous if not rough coitus. For Domino, sex seems her way of connecting. Does she fancy Pharaon? A plowed field, the sea, Pharaon's flowers, the pudenda of Domino and of the ravaged girl - this mix of images of beauty, evil, and possibility assaults Pharaon as he tries to do his job and hold on to his humanity.

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