Spielen wir Liebe   1977   West Germany, Italy Adolescent Malice
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Director:Pier Giuseppe Murgia
Studio:Cinema 23 Film
Writer:Peter Berling, Dieter Geissler
IMDb Rating:5.9 (657 votes)
Duration:93 min
Pier Giuseppe Murgia  ...  (Director)
Peter Berling, Dieter Geissler  ...  (Writer)
Lara Wendel  ...  Laura
Eva Ionesco  ...  Silvia
Martin Loeb  ...  Fabrizio
Lothar E. Stickelbrucks  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: The plot involves Fabrizio, his dog, and Laura, a young teen that is madly in love with him. After meeting him a year ago, she returns to him during the summer months. Fabrizio chooses to live his life as a "king" in the forest and delights in taunting and tormenting young Laura. (Honestly, there were moments when I wanted to strangle this actor, but that was the intention of the director). Fabrizio enjoys mentally abusing Laura, as well as treating her like a prisoner. When Laura and Fabrizio climb the "Blue Mountain" one afternoon, Fabrizio decides that he wants to rule the forgotten city and needs a queen. However, young Laura will not do because she must return to her parents at night instead of staying by his side. (Clearly, Fabrizio is letting the Peter Pan syndrome get to him a bit too much...) The two young teens share a fairly graphic first sexual encounter (one that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, I must admit), but Fabrizio's morbid behavior toward Laura is even more disturbing after they make love for the first time. One day, the duo meet Sylvia, a young teen that lives in a house outside the forest. Unlike Laura, Sylvia is very arrogant and pampered looking. (However, I feel that Laura was by far lovelier). Fabrizio, being angered by Laura, tells her that he will forgive her if she gets Sylvia to join their games. Thus, she does as he commands and Sylvia and Fabrizio become partners in crime. They are both as cruel as the other and delight in tormenting Laura in the most hideous ways. (I almost had to stop the movie at times because I was so upset by their actions). The scene were Sylvia and Fabrizio hunt Laura like an animal is very, very disturbing. Naturally, Sylvia and Fabrizio fall in love and delight in a good amount of sexual play. (Yes, other moments that made me uncomfortable, but they are very true of today's teenagers). In the end, Sylvia tells Fabrizio that she cannot remain as his queen and must return to school. This fatal admission leads to a tragic ending...

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