Musallat   2007   Turkey Haunted
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Director:Alper Mestçi
Studio:Dada Film
Writer:Alper Mestçi, Güray Ölgü
IMDb Rating:6.1 (1,237 votes)
Genre:Crime, Horror, Thriller
Duration:95 min
Alper Mestçi  ...  (Director)
Alper Mestçi, Güray Ölgü  ...  (Writer)
Bikem Karavus  ...  Nurcan
Burak Özçivit  ...  Suat
Kurtulus Sakiragaoglu  ...  Haci Burhan Kasavi
Bigkem Karavus  ...  Nurcan
Feza Caldiran  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: New Turkish horror picture Musallat looks the technical end looks stronger than most. Musallat the story of a young couple haunted by mysterious forces and there looks to be a heavy possession element as well. The calm life of Suat and Nurcan is broken when they begin to be scared by terroríficas supernatural creatures. The official website is now live and includes a lengthy teaser. It does include a childbirth sequence that could leave you squirming.

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