Lucía y el sexo   2001   Spain Sex and Lucia
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Director:Julio Medem
Studio:Palm Pictures
Writer:Julio Medem
IMDb Rating:7.3 (15,405 votes)
Awards:8 wins & 17 nominations
Duration:128 min
Languages:Spanish, English
Julio Medem  ...  (Director)
Julio Medem  ...  (Writer)
Paz Vega  ...  Lucía
Tristán Ulloa  ...  Lorenzo
Najwa Nimri  ...  Elena
Daniel Freire  ...  Carlos
Elena Anaya  ...  Belén
Silvia Llanos  ...  Luna
Diana Suárez  ...  Madre de Belén
Javier Cámara  ...  Pepe
Juan Fernández  ...  Jefe
Charo Zapardiel  ...  Comadrona
María Álvarez  ...  Enfermera
Javier Coromina  ...  Camarero Chiringuito
Arsenio León  ...  Futbolista
Alesandra Alvarez  ...  Luna 1 año
David Bulnes  ...  Actor porno
Kiko de la Rica  ...  Cinematographer
Iván Aledo  ...  Editor
Summary: Sex and Lucia engages mind and body with its time-bending narrative and images of beautiful Spaniards having vibrant sex. The story shifts between past and present, fact and fiction, so a plot summary won't capture it, but… A young writer named Lorenzo falls into a passionate relationship with a waitress named Lucía. But he also finds himself drawn to a young nanny taking care of a child who just might be the result of an anonymous fling Lorenzo had with a woman he met on an island the year before. Lorenzo fantasizes about the lives of all of these women until a horrific event sends him into a suicidal depression. This may sound obscure or flat, but Sex and Lucía unfolds clearly and beautifully, featuring stunning visual images of both nature and flesh, and weaving a poetic spell much like the director's previous film, The Lovers of the Arctic Circle. --Bret Fetzer

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