2007   Belgium Ex Drummer
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Director:Koen Mortier
Writer:Herman Brusselmans, Koen Mortier
IMDb Rating:6.9 (4,227 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Crime, Drama, Music
Duration:90 min
Koen Mortier  ...  (Director)
Herman Brusselmans, Koen Mortier  ...  (Writer)
Dries Van Hegen  ...  Dries
Norman Baert  ...  Koen de Geyter
Gunter Lamoot  ...  Jan Verbeek
Sam Louwyck  ...  Ivan Van Dorpe
Fran├žois Beukelaers  ...  Pa Verbeek
Bernadette Damman  ...  Mother Verbeek
Joris Van Der Speeten  ...  Jan Verbeek 10 years
Nancy Denijs  ...  Ivan's Wife
Nomie Visser  ...  Ivan's Daughter
Dolores Bouckaert  ...  Lio
Wim Willaert  ...  Jimmy
Barbara Callewaert  ...  Christine
Jan Hammenecker  ...  Dikke Lul
Vinnie Bonduwe  ...  Friend Dikke Lul
Chantal Wannyn  ...  Erna
Glynn Speeckaert  ...  Cinematographer
Arno  ...  Composer
Flip Kowlier  ...  Composer
Millionaire  ...  Composer
Guy Van Nueten  ...  Composer
Comments: The dialog in this film is so quick-witted I could barely keep up with the subtitles. It's very funny, and very punk. It's dark and violent and nihilistic and truly bizarre. Each member of the band must have a handicap. One has a really bad lisp and lives on the ceiling (see poster)-(only in his own home, tho), another has a debilitating mother complex and a stiff right arm, another is deaf and addicted to crack, and the drummer's handicap is that he can't play drums ... but he's writing the story. The soundtrack is magnificent and the acting is all spot on. If you like punk, you gotta see this.

Summary: Every village has its band of fools, trying to get to the top, following their idols in drug habits, but staying losers till the end of their pathetic days. They all do this in the name of rock & roll. Three disabled rock musicians are looking for a drummer. Dries, a well known writer, seems the right guy for the job, were it not for the fact that his only handicap is that he can't play the drums. He joins the group as a perfect, but evil god walking down his mountain to play with the populace. With the arrival of this infiltrator, personal disputes and family feuds start to jeopardize the band's fragile future. Dries will manipulate them till they are willing to drink each others blood and their only future is written down in many Punk lyrics: "No Future".

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