2008   Austria Revanche
Revanche Image Cover
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Director:Götz Spielmann
Studio:Prisma Film
Writer:Götz Spielmann
IMDb Rating:7.6 (4,949 votes)
Awards:4 wins
Genre:Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Duration:121 min
Languages:German, Russian
Götz Spielmann  ...  (Director)
Götz Spielmann  ...  (Writer)
Johannes Krisch  ...  Alex
Irina Potapenko  ...  Tamara
Michael-Joachim Heiss  ...  Tagportier
Andreas Lust  ...  Robert
Hanno Pöschl  ...  Konecny
Ursula Strauss  ...  Susanne
Johannes Thanheiser  ...  Der Alte
Magdalena Kropiunig  ...  Prostitute in Hotel
Toni Slama  ...  Tamara's Customer
Elisabetha Pejcinoska  ...  Cinderella Prostitute #1
Aniko Bärkanyi  ...  Cinderella Prostitute #2
Annamaria Haytö  ...  Cinderella Prostitute #3
Nicoletta Prokes  ...  Cinderella Prostitute #4
Rainer Gradischnig  ...  Harry - Man Beating Tamara
Haris Bilajbegovic  ...  Man stopping Harry
Aleksander Reljic-Bohigas  ...  Owner of Cinderella
Martin Gschlacht  ...  Cinematographer
Karina Ressler  ...  Editor
Comments: Great film

Summary: A happily married couple becomes unlikely friends with a man whose life has been marked by chaos and violence in this drama from Austria. Alex (Johannes Krisch) is a small-time criminal who after a stretch in prison finds himself working for Konecny (Hanno Poeschi), who run a grimy house of prostitution; unknown to Konecny, Alex is also involved with Tamara (Irina Potapenko), one of his whores. Wanting to raise some quick cash, Alex robs a bank in a nearby small town and hides out on a farm owned by his grandfather (Hannes Thanheiser) while he waits for the heat to cool down. Alex tries to keep a low profile while waiting for Tamara to join him in the country, and he's troubled by boredom and despair, but his mood brightens when he strikes up a friendship with Susanne (Ursula Strauss), a cheerful and generous woman who lives nearby. But Alex's new friend happens to be married to Robert (Andreas Lust), a member of the local police force. Revanche was screened as an official entry at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival.

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