Kinamand   2005   Denmark, China Chinaman
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Director:Henrik Ruben Genz
Studio:Fine & Mellow Productions
Writer:Kim Fupz Aakeson
IMDb Rating:7.1 (855 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 6 nominations
Duration:88 min
Languages:Danish, Cantonese
Henrik Ruben Genz  ...  (Director)
Kim Fupz Aakeson  ...  (Writer)
Bjarne Henriksen  ...  Keld
Vivian Wu  ...  Ling
Lin Kun Wu  ...  Feng
Paw Henriksen  ...  Michael
Charlotte Fich  ...  Rie
Chapper Kim  ...  Zhang
Laura Bro  ...  Sagsbehandler Statsamt
Peder Pedersen  ...  Politimand #1
Thomas Gammeltoft  ...  Politimand 2
Mathias Sparre-Ulrich  ...  Antikhandler
Jeppe Kaas  ...  Kunde
Johan Rabaeus  ...  Björn
Mogens Rex  ...  Sagsbehandler
Nicolas Winding Refn  ...  Lægen
Buppha Witt  ...  Party Guest
Gisle Kverndokk  ...  Composer
Sebastian Blenkov  ...  Cinematographer
Mette Zeruneith  ...  Editor
Comments: Interesting to see this story of the Chinese immigrant experience and a marriage of convenience (sister comes for medical care and needs a marriage in order to stay) played out in ... not USA. All the characters are wonderfully executed and the film is full of respect for the culture. The plot points unfold a little thinly as they convey the passage of time, but it didn't devalue the overall. Nice film.

Summary: Keld, an overweight, uninspired Danish plumber, is alone. When his bored, frustrated wife leaves him, he begins to eat dinner at the family-run Chinese take-out across the street. Working methodically through the numbered menu, he finds an unexpected friend in Feng, a genial man with his own concerns. Keld helps fix the plumbing in the diner, and then Feng asks for assistance with another problem: his Chinese sister requires a marriage of convenience to stay in Denmark. Enter Ling (Vivan Wu), a young woman who is not at all comfortable with this "strictly pro-forma" arrangement. Over time, Ling's gentle influence brings Keld into a world of tradition, full of surprising rewards and life-changing affection. This romantic tale has the fairy tale feel of what just might happen when people fall in love.

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