2008   France I Come with the Rain
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Director:Anh Hung Tran
Studio:Central Films
Writer:Anh Hung Tran
IMDb Rating:5.2 (1,210 votes)
Duration:114 min
Languages:English, Korean
Anh Hung Tran  ...  (Director)
Anh Hung Tran  ...  (Writer)
Josh Hartnett  ...  Kline
Elias Koteas  ...  Hasford
Byung-hun Lee  ...  Su Dongpo
Takuya Kimura  ...  Shitao
Shawn Yue  ...  Meng Zi
Simón Andreu  ...  
Eusebio Poncela  ...  Vargas
Tran Nu Yên-Khê  ...  Lili
Russ Kingston  ...  Felix Sportis
Thea Aquino  ...  Dancer
Juan Ruiz Anchía  ...  Cinematographer
Bo-yuan Chan  ...  Dai Xi
Tse-ho Chow  ...  Mifu
Jo Kuk  ...  9mm Lover
Sam Lee  ...  Monk Artist
Alvaro Longoria  ...  Psychiatrist
Comments: Too much. I may try again but this just seemed like a mess.

Summary: Ex-Los Angeles cop turned private eye Kline travels to Hong Kong in search of Shitao, the missing son of a Chinese billionaire. Enlisting Meng Zi a friend and a former colleague now working for the Hong Kong Police, Kline follows a faint trail left by the ethereal Shitao. The path leads to local gangster Su Dongpo and his beautiful, drug addicted girlfriend Lili. But Kline is distracted from his search, haunted by memories of the serial killer Hasford whose 'body of work' was the reason Kline quit the police force. Will Kline once again need to lose his mind to find his latest quarry?

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