Kamome shokudo   2006   Finland, Japan Kamome Diner
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Director:Naoko Ogigami
Studio:Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV)
Writer:Yôko Mure, Naoko Ogigami
IMDb Rating:7.3 (567 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:102 min
Languages:Japanese, Finnish
Naoko Ogigami  ...  (Director)
Yôko Mure, Naoko Ogigami  ...  (Writer)
Satomi Kobayashi  ...  Sachie
Hairi Katagiri  ...  Midori
Masako Motai  ...  Masako
Jarkko Niemi  ...  Tommi Hiltunen
Tarja Markus  ...  Liisa
Markku Peltola  ...  Matti
Anita Linnasola  ...  
Eine Räihä  ...  
Marjatta Salin  ...  
Pentti Heinonen  ...  
Pertti Roisko  ...  
Irja Punnonen  ...  
Pekka Punnonen  ...  
Jussi Vehviläinen  ...  
Milja Huimala  ...  
Tetsuo Kondô  ...  Composer
Tuomo Virtanen  ...  Cinematographer
Shinichi Fushima  ...  Editor
Comments: a slice of life about a Japanese woman who opens a diner in Finland. She meets a couple people (the other two Japanese people in Finland?) and they come to work for her, but not much else happens. It's slow and inviting and very pleasant. I loved every minute of it except those involving a drunk older lady who tries to be the film's drama point.

Summary: The movie is set around a Japanese diner in Finland, and its owner, Sachie (Satomi Kobayashi). The story revolves around the diner, as well as the friendships that Sachie develops, with customer and crew. The food, "soul foods" as in the menu, can make anyone salivate and feel hunger pangs, especially when the movie was screened into dinner time

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