2004   France Eurasia
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Duration:400 min
Comments: Wonderful BBC series that doesn't see the history of the Silk Road as starting with Marco Polo. No subs for 7 or 8 and 4,5,6 are foreign only

I ~ Alexander the Great
II ~ The Forgotten Alexandria
III ~ Ghandhara: The Renaissance of Buddhism
IV ~ The Romans in China
V ~ The Caravaneers of the Silk Road
VI ~ Baghdad in the Year 1000
VII ~ Jerusalem: 1227, the Excommunicated Peace
VIII ~ The Mongol Conqueror: Kublai Khan's Dream

Summary: Eurasia represents a spectacular adventure, a visual conquest of the East in 8 episodes. A magical voyage through time and space, exploring the history, culture and religions that link East and West: from the Persian Empire of Alexander the Great to the huge Mongolian Empire of Kublai Khan, the destinies of highly developed civilizations intermingled until they converged to take the shape of a Eurasian civilization shared by all of us. Babylon, Persepolis, Ai-Khanoum, Baghdad, Romeā€¦are virtually recreated with incomparable realism by computer generated images.

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