Heung gong yau gok hor lei wood   2001   Hong Kong, France, UK, Japan Hollywood Hong-Kong
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Director:Fruit Chan
Studio:Capitol Films
Writer:Fruit Chan, Kee-To Lam
IMDb Rating:6.7 (419 votes)
Awards:6 wins & 19 nominations
Duration:102 min
Fruit Chan  ...  (Director)
Fruit Chan, Kee-To Lam  ...  (Writer)
Xun Zhou  ...  Hung Hung / Tong Tong
Glen Chin  ...  Mr. Chu
You-Nam Wong  ...  Wong Chi-Keung
Sze Ping Leung  ...  Tiny Chu
Wei-Men Hu  ...  Doctor Liu
Kit Man Tam  ...  Ah Lui
Kam Li Wan  ...  Mainland Shop Assistant
King Lung Chan  ...  Young Gangster
Wai Keung Chan  ...  Postman
Wai Hung Fong  ...  Lawyer - Peter Chau
Jupiter  ...  Photographer
Jun La Koo  ...  Nurse
Lai King Kwong  ...  Couple at Store
Wing Cheung Lai  ...  Police
Ka Dung Li  ...  Young Gangster
Karuna Morris  ...  Fat Rich Woman
Kam Yiu Ngai  ...  Young Gangster
Anthony Ng  ...  Driver with wrong hand
Tsou-choi Tsang  ...  Calligrapher
Chi Fat Wong  ...  Couple at Store
Kai Hing Wong  ...  Young Gangster
Hang Hing Yuen  ...  Young Gangster
Lok Man Yu  ...  Young Gangster
Sing-Pui O  ...  Cinematographer
Sai Man Ho  ...  
Comments: It is only in attempting to fulfill my goal of seeing everything with mainland China's best actress, Zhou Xun, in it that I gave this one a spin. Fruit Chan is not my kind of director and Zhou was not featured enough in the film to win me over with just her. The cinematography isn't stunning nor is the story spellbinding. It isn't even just pretty to look at. Lots of dirt and sweat. The characters are well portrayed but didn't engage me. Chan's film's need to be approached critically and since I didn't feel like hitch-hiking on metaphors this film came up flat.

Summary: The arrival of a beautiful girl from mainland China gives a surge of excitement to life in an impoverished Hong Kong neighborhood. As soon as this sensual beauty from Mainland China arrives, chaos begins to stir in the nearby barbecue pork shop run by an obese man and his two equally hefty sons. The father can think of nothing but the girl. The sex-starved elder son is an easy target for her game of seduction. The young son likes her just because she's pleasant to have around. Even their pig, "Mama," behaves bizarrely.

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