Die Höhle des gelben Hundes   2005   Mongolia, Germany The Cave of the Yellow Dog
The Cave of the Yellow Dog Image Cover
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Director:Byambasuren Davaa
Studio:Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF)
Writer:Byambasuren Davaa, Michael P. Greco
IMDb Rating:7.4 (1,538 votes)
Awards:6 wins & 2 nominations
Duration:93 min
Byambasuren Davaa  ...  (Director)
Byambasuren Davaa, Michael P. Greco  ...  (Writer)
Batchuluun Urjindorj  ...  Father
Buyandulam Daramdadi  ...  Mother
Nansal Batchuluun  ...  Oldest daughter
Nansalmaa Batchuluun  ...  Youngest daughter
Babbayar Batchuluun  ...  Son
Tserenpuntsag Ish  ...  Older woman
Scharav Sumiya  ...  First hunter
Battur Lhamsuren  ...  Second hunter
Batjargal Ulzidelger  ...  Driver
Daniel Schönauer  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: The little nomad girl Nansal finds a baby dog in the mongolian veld, who becomes her best friend - against all rejections of her parents. Only as the little dog, Zocher, saves the life of the youngest son, father and mother finally see his good soul. A story about a mongolian family of nomads - their traditional way of life and the rising call of the City.

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