2007   France In the Mood for Doyle
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Director:Yves Montmayeur
Studio:Point du Jour International
Writer:Yves Montmayeur
IMDb Rating:6.9 (33 votes)
Duration:54 min
Languages:English, Cantonese, Thai
Yves Montmayeur  ...  (Director)
Yves Montmayeur  ...  (Writer)
Christopher Doyle  ...  Himself
Olivier Assayas  ...  
Fruit Chan  ...  
Bai Ling  ...  
Karen Mok  ...  
M. Night Shyamalan  ...  
Gus Van Sant  ...  Himself
Kar Wai Wong  ...  
Olivier Heinemann  ...  Editor
Comments: What a super nice guy! He shows his humility when he says:

They think I'm mad. But they need me. Or rather they need my madness

Summary: Christopher Doyle is one of the best known and most acclaimed directors of photography in world cinema. Born in Australia, he sees himself as an Asian citizen rather than a Westerner. His artistic contribution to the films of Wong Kar-wai, Zhang Jimou and Fruit Chan films, among others, is indisputable. Filmed in DV and Super8, this documentary is a kind of wild and stylized road movie -- from Bangkok to Hong Kong, via New York. The camera follows this eccentric and outrageous artist as he gives us his thoughts on his past and present work. From the recent sets of Invisible Waves by Thailand's Pen ek Ratanaruang, and M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water, to the locations in Hong Kong where he shot some of his most famous pictures, such as In The Mood for Love and Dumplings, Chris Doyle talks about his cinematic fascination for Asian culture.

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