2007   France In the Mood for Doyle
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Director:Yves Montmayeur
Studio:Point du Jour International
Writer:Yves Montmayeur
IMDb Rating:6.9 (33 votes)
Duration:54 min
Languages:English, Cantonese, Thai
Yves Montmayeur  ...  (Director)
Yves Montmayeur  ...  (Writer)
Christopher Doyle  ...  Himself
Olivier Assayas  ...  
Fruit Chan  ...  
Bai Ling  ...  
Karen Mok  ...  
M. Night Shyamalan  ...  
Gus Van Sant  ...  Himself
Kar Wai Wong  ...  
Olivier Heinemann  ...  Editor
Comments: What a super nice guy! He shows his humility when he says:

They think I'm mad. But they need me. Or rather they need my madness

Summary: From CHUNGKING EXPRESS and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE to THE QUIET AMERICAN and THE WHITE COUNTESS, the distinctive cinematography of Chris Doyle has defined the look of Asian cinema during the past two decades. Australian by birth, Doyle lives in Hong Kong, speaks fluent Mandarin and considers himself a Chinese filmmaker. Documentary filmmaker Yves Montmayeur follows Doyle during a year of projects that include collaboration with M. Night Shyamalan on LADY IN THE WATER. Featuring interviews with Gus Van Sant, Olivier Assayas and Wong Kar-Wai.

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