Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun   2005   Taiwan, France The Wayward Cloud
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Director:Ming-liang Tsai
Studio:Cinema Prestige
Writer:Ming-liang Tsai
IMDb Rating:6.7 (2,438 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:112 min
Ming-liang Tsai  ...  (Director)
Ming-liang Tsai  ...  (Writer)
Kang-sheng Lee  ...  Hsiao-Kang
Shiang-chyi Chen  ...  Shiang-chyi
Yi-Ching Lu  ...  Mother
Kuei-Mei Yang  ...  Taiwanese Porn Actress
Sumomo Yozakura  ...  Japanese Porn Star
Huan-Wen Hsiao  ...  
Hui-Xun Lin  ...  
Kuo-Xuan Jao  ...  
Shu-Mei Hung  ...  
David Yang  ...  
Huan-Wen Wu  ...  
Yu-Wei Chang  ...  
Xun-You Chou  ...  
Lee-Hsing Huang  ...  
Tian-Fu Hsu  ...  
Pen-jung Liao  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: SYNOPSIS: A disobedient, unconventional narrative yields to the highly suggestive power of maverick director Tsai Ming-liang's naughty vision in the fascinating The Wayward Cloud. A terrible drought is plaguing urban life in a bizarrely under-populated Taipei, where the literal emptiness is emblematic of a pervasive sense of alienation and isolation. Daily existence is fraught with the scarcity of water. Water bottles and watermelons have become the absurd symbols of this parched world. Its disoriented denizens eke out an existence and long for love. Porn actor Hsiao-kang (Lee Kang-sheng) sweats for his bread, hovering over the agonized moans of a Japanese actress in a nurse uniform (Sumomo Yozakura) who wears a pulpy red watermelon between her legs. Shiang-chyi (Chen Shiang-chyi), who works in a museum, tries to forge a relationship with Hsiao-kang. He is responsive to her attention, but seems uninterested in physical intimacy.

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