Cidade Baixa   2005   Brazil Lower City
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Director:Sérgio Machado
Studio:Palm Pictures
Writer:Karim Ainouz, Sérgio Machado
IMDb Rating:6.6 (2,131 votes)
Awards:12 wins & 15 nominations
Duration:98 min
Sérgio Machado  ...  (Director)
Karim Ainouz, Sérgio Machado  ...  (Writer)
Lázaro Ramos  ...  Deco
Wagner Moura  ...  Naldinho
Alice Braga  ...  Karinna
José Dumont  ...  Sergipano
Wilson Mello  ...  Ferreirinha
Tinho Bahia  ...  Lutador de Boxe
Harildo Deda  ...  Careca
Fernanda de Freitas  ...  Nilma
Luís Olho de Gato  ...  Sparing
Andréa Elia  ...  D. Lenita
Felipe Ferreira  ...  Joilson
Nonato Freire  ...  Escrivão
Fernando Fulco  ...  Delegado
Carolina Kahro Ribeiro  ...  Jamily
Agnaldo Lopes  ...  Cliente Karinna 2
Ricardo Luedy  ...  Cliente Karinna 1
Olga Machado  ...  Médica
Maria Menezes  ...  Luzinete
João Miguel  ...  Edvan
Dois Mundos  ...  Himself
Marcos Pedroso  ...  Seu Marquinhos
Adelena Rios  ...  Dançarina Strip 1
Leno Sacramento  ...  Rufino
Débora Santiago  ...  Sirlene
Guiga Scott  ...  Locutor Xanadu
Ricardo Spencer  ...  Marcelo
Divina Valéria  ...  Zilu
Taís Wagner  ...  Prostituta 1
Hugo Rodas  ...  Chilean Commander
Gerónimo  ...  Fuá
David Herman  ...  English Commander
Fernanda Freitas  ...  Nilma
Toca Seabra  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Plot Outline: From the filmmakers who brought you CITY OF GOD and THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, comes this sexy Brazilian drama chronicling a love triangle between two best friends, Deco and Naldinho (CARANDIRU's Lázaro Ramos and Wagner Moura), and a sultry, beautiful young girl, Karinna (Alice Braga, CITY OF GOD). Burdened with unbridled passion, the threesome navigates the "lower city" of tropical Salvador Bahia, stumbling through a treacherous landscape of sex and jealousy. Suffocated and unable to go on, the three must accept one another as lovers, adversaries and ultimately friends; learning to overlook the defiance of their actions and joining one another down an unthinkable path. A startlingly intimate debut from director Sérgio Machado, LOWER CITY bursts with a sensuality and energy emanating from the unflinching performances of the vibrant young cast.
Editorial Reviews:
Sara Brady, Premiere Two lifelong friends, Deco and Naldinho, fall for the same lady of ill repute (City of God's Alice Braga) when she hitches a ride on their cargo boat in this steamy drama from Sergio Machado (the 2001 doc At the Edge of the Earth).
The Bottom Line: An even sexier take on Y Tu Mama Tambien, this time in Portuguese.
A.O Scott, NY Times . . the woman in question is Karinna, a dancer and prostitute played by Alice Braga (''City of God''), one of the most forthrightly and powerfully sexual screen actresses in the world. Ms. Braga, niece of the Brazilian actress Sonia Braga, brushes aside any hint of glamour and gives a tough, candid performance.
The look of ''Lower City'' is impressively naturalistic. Toca Seabra's cinematography makes the sweat and grit of Salvador almost palpable, and the music, by Carlinhos Brown and Beto Villares, provides a sweet, lusty throb.
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