Ye che   2007   China, France Night Train
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Director:Yi'nan Diao
Studio:DViant Films
Writer:Yi'nan Diao
IMDb Rating:6.7 (195 votes)
Awards:4 wins
Duration:94 min
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Director)
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Writer)
Rongcai Fu  ...  Work chief
Chao Ji  ...  Boat owner
Dan Liu  ...  Wu Hongyan
Shudi Liu  ...  Neighbor
Yongsheng Liu  ...  Secretary Ma
Halyan Meng  ...  Lingling Zhang
Liang Qi  ...  Li Jun
Lijuan Wang  ...  Ticket seller
Zhengjia Wang  ...  Hong Xiao
Yuxi Wu  ...  Wei Zhao
Chao Xi  ...  Boat owner
Zhiqiang Xie  ...  Village chief
Wei Xu  ...  Yulong Li
Hua Yao  ...  Victim's wife
Ge Zhu  ...  Li Xiao
Zi Wen  ...  Composer
Jingsong Dong  ...  Cinematographer
Jing Lei Kong  ...  Editor
Comments: Somebody please watch this and tell me what the ending suggests. We got an art film here. One of those off the radar, outside the Chinese Censor's jurisdiction things that focuses on one person's very personal angst while navigating a life of horrific, no rule of law surreal subdued chaos in bumfork rural China.

Dan Liu is yikes! good as a court bailiff who sometimes executes female prisoners, and she attends a lot of matchmaking services. I didn't buy the script's view of her self-destructive behavior but Liu plays through it masterfully. I think the director tried to force more story into her character than was necessary so there are points when things get heavy, but this is a film with a long echo … especially, if like me, you can't decide what the ending implies. Problem is, I think I know but if so, it doesn't ring true for me.

Summary: Wu Hongyan is a young woman working as a prison guard during executions of female convicts. She feels lonely after her husband died, and she takes a night train to another city to visit a dating service. After a series of unsuccessful dates, she meets Li Jun. It quickly becomes obvious that he is hiding a secret: he is the widower of one of the female convicts of which Wu Hongyan assisted in the execution. Li Jun is torn apart by his feelings, as he is both attracted to Wu Hongyan, and having a desire for revenge for his executed wife.

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