Mientras duermes   2011   Spain Sleep Tight
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Director:Jaume Balagueró
Studio:Canal+ España
Writer:Alberto Marini
IMDb Rating:7.1 (10,707 votes)
Awards:10 wins & 19 nominations
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Duration:102 min
Jaume Balagueró  ...  (Director)
Alberto Marini  ...  (Writer)
Luis Tosar  ...  César
Marta Etura  ...  Clara
Alberto San Juan  ...  Marcos
Petra Martínez  ...  Sra. Verónica
Iris Almeida  ...  Úrsula (as Iris Almeida Molina)
Carlos Lasarte  ...  Vecino 4ºB
Amparo Fernández  ...  Mujer de la limpieza
Roger Morilla  ...  Joven de la limpieza
Pep Tosar  ...  Padre de Úrsula
Margarita Rosed  ...  Madre de César (as Margarita Roset)
Ruben Ametllé  ...  Trabajador Oficina 1
Manel Dueso  ...  Comisario (as Manuel Dueso)
Tony Corvillo  ...  Policía 1
Ricard Sadurní  ...  Policía 2
Xavier Pujolràs  ...  Policía 3
Lucas Vidal  ...  Composer
Pablo Rosso  ...  Cinematographer
Guillermo de la Cal  ...  Editor
Comments: I watched this because I watched the Korean remake Door Lock and wanted to see what's up

Except for the fact that someone sneaks into a woman's apartment and gives her snooze medicine at night it's not the same-ish film at all. Both films rely on the teller's performance, and both are strong

Sleep Tight is a basic thriller with a simple, straight forward story line, and it's told from the sneaker's point of view. Door Lock (in typically Korean fashion) is like ten more movies crammed on top of Sleep Tight: extra characters, many many extra plot points thrown in and many discarded, and it's told from the sneakee's point of view

I enjoyed this, but after a quick review of Door Lock I'm going to bump Door Lock up half a star simply because I stan Gong Hyo-jin beyond words, and think it is mildly better. Not really better -- it's kind of eye-rollingly complex (in typical Korean fashion) -- but it has a lot more Gong Hyo-jin

This is worth a watch, It's good

Summary: You wake day after day to the comfort and security of your home. But how safe is it really?

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