2017   UK, France, USA You Were Never Really Here
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Director:Lynne Ramsay
Writer:Jonathan Ames, Lynne Ramsay
IMDb Rating:8.0 (240 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:85 min
Lynne Ramsay  ...  (Director)
Jonathan Ames, Lynne Ramsay  ...  (Writer)
Joaquin Phoenix  ...  Joe
Ekaterina Samsonov  ...  Nina
Alessandro Nivola  ...  Senator Williams
Alex Manette  ...  Senator Votto
John Doman  ...  John McCleary
Judith Roberts  ...  Joe's Mother
Madison Arnold  ...  Elderly Man
Jason Babinsky  ...  Eye of Providence
Ryan Martin Brown  ...  Towel Boy
Vinicius Damasceno  ...  Moises
Cristina Dohmen  ...  News Anchor (voice)
Leigh Dunham  ...  Waitress
Kate Easton  ...  Joe's Young Mother
Frank Pando  ...  Angel
Silvia Pena  ...  Big Sister
Jonny Greenwood  ...  Composer
Thomas Townend  ...  Cinematographer
Joe Bini  ...  Editor
Comments: You Were Never Really Here [2017] • UK, France, USA

Finally! Finally! Jonny Greenwood plays his fucking guitar for a soundtrack. I might have punted this film if it weren't for the score. Well, maybe not. Joaquin Phoenix is uber-mesmerizing. The photography, its framing, its angles, is gorgeous. The sound design is astonishing in the way that it melds the cacophony of New York street noise into the score melodically and rhythmically. That blew me away.

If all the interspersed dreams, hallucinations, memories--whatever they were-- were inserted more gracefully, more softly, I would have thought: "Okay, dream logic. Don't expect much, just let it flow over you. I'm cool with that". But they weren't. They were inserted bombastically, loudly. This gave the impression they were going to add up, they were going to mean something, be worthwhile. For me, they weren't. I don't care if the protag was or wasn't a war vet; if he had an incestuous relationship with his mother; if he was abused as a child. He was just a bad dude with a hammer who may or may not have rescued a little girl from pedophile politicians.

Watch it loudly.

Summary: A missing teenage girl. A brutal and tormented enforcer on a rescue mission. Corrupt power and vengeance unleash a storm of violence that may lead to his awakening.

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