Japanese Horror Anthology   2005   Japan Regeneration
Regeneration Image Cover
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Director:Sato Takayuki
Studio:Panorama (HK)
Duration:36 min
Comments: In the tradition of Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt...

Summary: Regeneration is a love story about a college student named Yui (played by Tsugumi; Moonlight Whispers) and her former college professor (Tohru Kazama). The two of them easily slip into a committed & loving relationship without either of them knowing the others past. Yui is disturbed by her partners lack of regard for her history, concerned that there maybe something about her that he won’t like. Unable to keep her secret from him she explains her ability to regenerate lost limbs. His disbelief turns into desperation as she is diagnosed with a fatal brain disease.

This 36 minute short film is a real treat. The plot is fantastical, beautifully acted and convincingly told. The highlight for me was watching Tsugumi again, as I was so enthralled with her performance in Moonlight Whispers. The beauty of watching short films is admiring the quick and brash plot development. Regeneration has a number of twists and turns and dimensions for a film so short. Quite an achievement; Regeneration is part of trilogy from the DVD “Japanese Horror Anthology 3”

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