Kimi no tori wa utaeru   2018   Japan And Your Bird Can Sing
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Director:Shô Miyake
Studio:Cinema Iris
Writer:Yasushi Satô, Shô Miyake
IMDb Rating:7.1 (246 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 5 nominations
Duration:106 min
Shô Miyake  ...  (Director)
Yasushi Satô, Shô Miyake  ...  (Writer)
Tasuku Emoto  ...  Me
Shizuka Ishibashi  ...  Sachiko
Tomomitsu Adachi  ...  Moriguchi
Shôta Sometani  ...  Shizuo
Ai Yamamoto  ...  Mizuki
Takaya Shibata  ...  Hasegawa
Makiko Watanabe  ...  Naoko
Masato Hagiwara  ...  Shimada
Hi'Spec  ...  Composer
Hidetoshi Shinomiya  ...  Cinematographer
Shô Miyake  ...  Editor
Comments: This is so five stars. It qualifies for my high praise tagline:

It doesn't aim very high and hits its target with a sledgehammer

If Shôta Sometani were a film he'd be this film. It's liquid. It wasn't made. It was embraced into existence. There is nothing, and no one, representing anything. Just "spend a few (film) weeks with these people ... you're done"

Tasuku Emoto and Shôta go head to head sleepy-eye. Shizuka Ishibashi is a revelation. So natural. She can be filmed walking, and make it engrossing, and rhythmical. When you watch this movie listen to the sound of her feet as she's walking quickly down that street

Ishibashi's face ends this movie and gives nothing. But it satiates. Her nothing is everything

All four leads are wonderful. Makiko Watanabe needs only three minutes screen time to star in a film

The sound design and soundtrack. This is an A+ A/V package

I know I missed a big part, though. The English subtitles in no way convey the rhythm or wit of the dialog. They are at odds with its beat. I'll never give up hope for a re-watch with proper subs. They aren't machine translated bad, just ESL translated bad

Summary: The protagonist is a boozing loser. He can set a fresh course and set things right, but chooses not to. He has a part-time job, but does not try or try hard enough. He is either absent or careless. Instead he lives with a room-mate who subsists on government assistance and goes drinking with him when he can be on time, keep his promise and go on a date with his colleague who for some reason fancies him. It is a matter of his future.

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