Ice to Amaoto   2017   Japan Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops
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Director:Daigo Matsui
Studio:Humax Cinema
Writer:Daigo Matsui
IMDb Rating:5.4 (33 votes)
Duration:74 min
Daigo Matsui  ...  (Director)
Daigo Matsui  ...  (Writer)
Yuzu Aoki  ...  
Guama  ...  
Kazumasa Kadoi  ...  
Momoha  ...  Composer
Kokoro Morita  ...  
Reiko Tanaka  ...  
Taketo Tanaka  ...  
Jôtarô Tozuka  ...  
Mimori Wakasugi  ...  
Daigo Matsui  ...  Editor
Comments: The best player in this is the guitar player. The best character arc belongs to the, not a rapper, more of a Greek Chorus. He starts out kinda interesting, becomes a little annoying, and finishes the film pure winning

The aspect ratio bit is genius. The one-shot bit both its blessing and its curse, in that it makes the aspect ratio bit work but kept the characters at a distance. The film comes up a little short because the characters don't grow. They start off struggling and end up just whining about it. They make the stage, but I think that would have big whooped if the Greek Chorus wasn't making bank

If the characters had been a little older, and consequently more refined in their chops, this could have soared. If only they had attended one of Hamaguchi's acting workshops

Summary: In 2017, a stage performance is scheduled in a small town. The young actors are to present British playwright Simon Stephens' "Morning" for the first time in Japan. The savage play has been attracting attention in the theater world for its story of a violent act by two best friends. The performance is suddenly cancelled, but one actress suggests they continue rehearsing. For a month, the young actors struggle between reality and fiction, as well as between film and the stage.

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