Itoshi no Irene   2018   Japan Come On Irene
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Director:Keisuke Yoshida
Studio:Star Sands
Writer:Hideki Arai, Keisuke Yoshida
IMDb Rating:6.2 (55 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:137 min
Languages:Japanese, Tagalog, English
Keisuke Yoshida  ...  (Director)
Hideki Arai, Keisuke Yoshida  ...  (Writer)
Seiji Fukushi  ...  Masamune
Yûsuke Iseya  ...  Yujiro Shiozaki
Aoba Kawai  ...  Aiko Yoshioka
Hana Kino  ...  Tsuru Shishido
Takurô Kodama  ...  
Yutaka Mishima  ...  Loincloth man
Dionne Monsanto  ...  Marlene
Tôru Shinagawa  ...  Genzo Shishido
Natileigh Sitoy  ...  Irene Gonzalez
Yoji Tanaka  ...  Tatsuno
Ken Yasuda  ...  Iwao Shishido
Wing Tsan Wong  ...  Composer
Takayuki Shida  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Keisuke Yoshida is a button pusher, or something. Can't figure him out

The Workhorse & the Bigmouth and Cafe Isobe are wonderful little movies. Wait. I got him figured out. Kumiko Aso is in those movies

Himeanole is a major WTF in an outstanding way. Very few films change gears like that one does. YMMV

My Little Sweet Pea is a boring "comedy" misfire, Raw Summer is Sora Aoi

Can't figure the guy out

Come On Irene is repulsive from top to bottom. Not sure what Yoshida's aiming at here, but I think it's out of his range. The only way to justify this main character is to say something important about why he is so gross (or his milieu?). Maybe Yoshida does that (the subs are bad) but I found myself looking away more than at this film the longer it went on and on

I watched this for Aoba Kawai, she of the big beautiful ears that stick out. I feel bad for her, but she does like to take chances, push boundaries

Summary: The film centers on Iwao Shishido, who at age forty suddenly leaves his rural village, but returns with a foreign bride during his father's funeral.

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