2018   Japan, Singapore Tourism
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Director:Daisuke Miyazaki
Writer:Daisuke Miyazaki
IMDb Rating:6.8 (15 votes)
Duration:77 min
Languages:Japanese, English
Daisuke Miyazaki  ...  (Director)
Daisuke Miyazaki  ...  (Writer)
Sumire  ...  Su
Nina Endô  ...  Nina
Yasutaka Watanabe  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I wasn't sure. There's that 2006 movie Turistas

In Tourism Two Japanese girls, Nina and Su, travel to Singapore. In a cafe they do a live stream update of some sort, and then Nina sets her phone on an empty stool. The camera pans in on the phone in the most "gun on the table" way a camera can. The girls get separated and Nina realizes she doesn't have her phone. Scary?

Nina walks around Singapore not worrying much. At one point there is street music bangin' and the camera does a psychedelic thing and I thought ... "Oh no, this is going to get ugly"

But it's all super sweet . Yay! Up with people. People win

Nothing consequential here. Just an innocent, simple indie film

ps - Su is the daughter of Tadanobu Asano and singer/actress CHARA

Summary: Nina goes to Singapore with her best friend Su. It was their first time ever to travel to a foreign country. They enjoyed the trip for a while but Nina lose sight of Su at China town. Their unforgettable adventure in Singapore starts.

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