Aku no hana   2019   Japan The Flowers of Evil
The Flowers of Evil Image Cover
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Director:Noboru Iguchi
Studio:Happinet Pictures
Writer:Mari Okada, Shûzô Oshimi
IMDb Rating:5.7 (173 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance, Thriller
Duration:127 min
Noboru Iguchi  ...  (Director)
Mari Okada, Shûzô Oshimi  ...  (Writer)
Shiori Akita  ...  Nanako Saeki
Honora  ...  Muraoka
Marie Iitoyo  ...  Aya Tokiwa
Kentaro Ito  ...  Takao
Tina Tamashiro  ...  Sawa Nakamura
Comments: So poorly cast I couldn’t stand it

Summary: Takao is a high school student who notices his classmate Aya reading French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire's The Flowers of Evil at a book store. The poetry is something that he enjoyed as well. Takao had a crush on Nanako and stole her gym clothes at school. Sawa had noticed what Takao had done.

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