2020   Japan Sakura
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Director:Hitoshi Yazaki
Writer:Kanako Nishi
IMDb Rating:6.7 (57 votes)
Genre:Drama, Family
Duration:119 min
Hitoshi Yazaki  ...  (Director)
Kanako Nishi  ...  (Writer)
Tamiyasu Chô  ...  Ferari
Masaya Katô  ...  Masao Mizoguchi
Takumi Kitamura  ...  Kaoru Hasegawa
Yui Kobayashi  ...  Kaoru Otomo
Nana Komatsu  ...  Miki Hasegawa
Kaho Mizutani  ...  Yuko Yajima
Masatoshi Nagase  ...  Akio Hasegawa
Shinobu Terajima  ...  Tsubomi Hasegawa
Kasumi Yamaya  ...  Tamaki Suzuki
Ryô Yoshizawa  ...  Hajime Hasegawa
Isao Ishii  ...  Cinematographer
Adam Gyorgy  ...  Composer
Comments: Nice surprise! I went into this cold and almost punted because the first act has after-school-special family drama stylings. Thanks to Nana Komatsu, and her legs, I stuck around. After the setup, it gets twisted

I had to jump out and look to see who directed this thing = Hitoshi Yazaki ... ah, now it makes sense

I don't know if standard fans of pretty boy/pretty girl dramas know Yazaki's work, and I puzzle around who this is directed at. Folks who want nice will end up uneasy. Fans of Yazaki's work will likely enjoy it, but that's not a big fan base. I wonder how well this did at the box office?

The film takes a little too long to get to the point but thanks to some fine performances it's cool enough to hang out with. The ending wraps up nicely, maybe a bridge too far when Nana ends up with a handful of doggy diarrhea. She seems to like it though. Who am I to complain?

Summary: Three siblings share a home with their parents living a happy life. The oldest one is good-looking guy, which is something of a contrast from his younger brother who is at school. The youngest one is the girl and has two brothers to protect her. Unfortunately an accident knocks out the oldest sibling. It is not a happy time.

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