Melancholy   2021   Japan The Cinderella Addiction
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Director:Ryôhei Watanabe
Studio:C&I Entertainment, Culture Entertainment, Klockworx Company
Writer:Ryôhei Watanabe
IMDb Rating:6.3 (44 votes)
Duration:114 min
Ryôhei Watanabe  ...  (Director)
Ryôhei Watanabe  ...  (Writer)
Tao Tsuchiya  ...  Koharu
Kei Tanaka  ...  Daigo Izumisawa
Coco  ...  Hikari
Anna Yamada  ...  Chinatsu Fukuura
Ryo Ishibashi  ...  Masaaki Fukuura
Miho Kanazawa  ...  
Bokuzô Masana  ...  
Kenta Matsushima  ...  Seki
Yasuhi Nakamura  ...  
Wako Ando  ...  
Bokuzō Masana  ...  Kameoka
Gin Pun Chou  ...  Michiyo
Yoshitaka Fujimoto  ...  Music
Akiyoshi Yoshida  ...  Cinematography
Norihiro Iwama  ...  Editor
Comments: There are few really nice sound cues, and Tao Tsuchiya is really nice, but the film doesn't go anywhere. The little girl has one good scene, the dad is unconvincing. Everything seems forced, which is weird for a film that doesn't go anywhere.

Ryohei Watanabe's superb debut, Shady, started out like an after school special and drove off into the weeds. The Cinderella Addiction remained in after school mode until the end. I'm sure Watanabe recognizes the error of his ways and will probably go full weed whacker next time. I anxiously await

Summary: Koharu holds down a public sector job and does it well. Then disaster strikes. Her family and home are stricken. She is personally affected when her man lusts after other women including a co-worker of his. A white knight appears who is willing to be with her, love her and marry her. What happens next is no Cinderella story however.

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