Droste no hate de bokura   2020   Japan Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes
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Director:Junta Yamaguchi
Writer:Makoto Ueda
IMDb Rating:7.5 (552 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Comedy, Sci-Fi
Duration:70 min
Junta Yamaguchi  ...  (Director)
Makoto Ueda  ...  (Writer)
Kazunari Tosa  ...  Kato
Riko Fujitani  ...  Aya
Gôta Ishida  ...  Komiya
Masashi Suwa  ...  Tanabe
Yoshifumi Sakai  ...  Ozawa
Haruki Nakagawa  ...  Narita
Munenori Nagano  ...  Kinjo
Takashi Sumita  ...  Furuya
Chikara Honda  ...  Ishizuka
Aki Asakura  ...  Megumi
Koji Takimoto  ...  Composer
Junta Yamaguchi  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Too much fun. Every once in a while you need something like this to cleanse the palette

The conceit drops and then it doesn't let up enough for you to consider if any of it makes sense. I mean, it can't make sense because time travel/time loops can't make sense, and they plow through it with such enthusiasm you just jump on for the ride. Like when they point the two TVs at each other to try and extend their travel time ... instead of trying to figure out if that could make sense, you simply applaud it as a brilliant idea!

I read after watching this that the actors are part of a theater troupe. "Theater actors" explains the many subtle little things going on. Only theater actors can do the things they do in the background, like when someone says something and two characters "over there" respond in unison, which isn't necessary but it adds so much. This is one of those films I'll watch the peripheries on the 2nd and 3rd re-watch, which are surely going to happen

The ending isn't entirely satisfactory but it's nice

Summary: Cafe owner Kato lives right above his cafe. Suddenly he gets a message from himself. He learns that the TV screen in his cafe is two minutes ahead of time. When his friends discover this, they play around with it. But they get into trouble when they use the TV to get their hands on some money. It soon turns out that money belongs to some gangsters.

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