Anoko wa kizoku   2021   Japan Aristocrats
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Director:Yukiko Sode
Writer:Mariko Yamauchi
IMDb Rating:7 (234 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Duration:124 min
Yukiko Sode  ...  (Director)
Mariko Yamauchi  ...  (Writer)
Mugi Kadowaki  ...  Hanako
Ryôka Minamide  ...  Kota Okagami
Kiko Mizuhara  ...  Miki
Comments: A very stilted presentation with bad English subtitles made this a real slog ... until Kiko Mizuhara and Shizuka Ishibashi show up in the same room and the film catches fire. It's totally gay but short lived and then not gay

Casting team scored big with those two. They fit their roles perfectly as the non-Aristocrats. Without them this film would have squirreled off into oblivion faster than it did

Poor Mugi Kadowaki. She has a few moments where she breaks free of the wealth/sexism porn statement shackles the director is fixated on, but for the most part she's a placeholder with nothing inside. "Statements" are a film's death, suffocating characters in their wake

I wondered why the film, with an arguably A-list cast, was so hard to come by, and why most of its reviews are in French. Now I know

Summary: Hanako is in her late twenties and is looking for stability with her man. She gets dumped instead. She begins dating. Miki studied and worked hard to get to where she is and is holding down a job. They are introduced through an intermediary man.

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