2005   Japan Strange Days: The Making of Strange Circus
Strange Days: The Making of Strange Circus Image Cover
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Director:Tetsuaki Matsue
Duration:70 min
Tetsuaki Matsue  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Sion Sono  ...  
Tetsuaki Matsue  ...  Editor
Comments: Kind of a low rent production but some pretty cool insights here and there ... mostly the lead actress being interviewed. She hadn't made a film in eleven years and popped up to make this wild ass film and then disappeared again.

I mentioned in my review of the film that it seems like the kind of thing Sono whips out in a few weeks. Confirmed. He has a basic idea of what he wants (I believe in this case the third Act) and then just improvises his way there. He sets up a bunch of shots, very short takes, changes his mind often, has the actors wing it, and then he makes soup of it

It's also cool to see Sono in his skinny kid stage, but with all the Sono meat already there

Summary: The Making of Strange Circus

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