2021   Japan Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots
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Director:Ryohei Yoshino
Writer:Kikuko Tsumura, Ryûhei Yoshino
IMDb Rating:7.2 (36 votes)
Duration:118 min
Ryohei Yoshino  ...  (Director)
Kikuko Tsumura, Ryûhei Yoshino  ...  (Writer)
Yui Sakuma  ...  Horigai
Nao  ...  Inogi
Seiichi Kohinata  ...  Souma Yoshizaki
Sho Kasamatsu  ...  Nao Homine
Aoi Yo  ...  Kiichi Yasuda
Kokoro Morita  ...  Akari Okano
Shohei Uno  ...  Toshimitsu Eto
Erika Mabuchi  ...  Chizuru Sugita
Tadashi Sakata  ...  Keisuke Yagi
Yo Aoi  ...  Kiichi Yasuda
Comments: The film begins with Yui Sakuma announcing at some party that she has just taken a job as a child welfare case worker. A moment later she runs over to meet someone who was just released from the cops for allowing an abused and neglected child who lived downstairs from him to stay in his apartment (he had been charged with kidnapping)

I'll usually punt a film with a script malfunction as egregious as that but I understand introductions, opening acts, and setups are difficult and can be ridiculous at times. I really wanted to see what Yui was up to so I persevered

Happily, the film turns out to be pretty crunchy, with the drama angle more bleak than expected. Nothing wowed me, but I didn't end up hating it

Summary: Horigai spends her boring days waiting to graduate from college. As she hangs out with friends, she begins to realize the violence and sorrow behind their ordinary lives.

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