2012   Japan Himizu, Making of
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Duration:72 min
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Fumi Nikaidô  ...  Self
Takahiro Nishijima  ...  Self
Shôta Sometani  ...  Self
Sion Sono  ...  Self
Comments: I don't think I knew when I watched Himizu that Fumi Nikaido and Shota Sometani were merely teenagers at the time. 17 & 19 respectively. Mad respect to both of them. Once again Sono picks a couple young actors and gives them a role of their lifetimes, and pushes them to grow as actors

At one point, while shooting a 30 second scene, he tells them "do it however you want. I won't say 'OK' until it's good". Four hours, and 27 takes later, he says "Okay, good"

There are a lot of "Sono is awesome" comments from the actors, but well-deserved, I suppose. I admire Sono's ability (m.o.) of improvising his way through a film shoot (so do the actors): "Oh, it's raining today. Let's do something with all the mud". He also changes lines and settings based on how the actors grow, how they become more and more the characters they are portraying

You really get the sense the group of people making this film entered some kind of alternate universe for the duration

One of the highest compliments you can pay to a "Making of" doc is it makes you want to re-watch the flick. Beyond that singular praise, watching this made me want to re-watch Sono's entire filmography (and more Fumi and Shota)

Summary: A documentary showcasing the making of Sion Sono’s Himizu

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