20-seiki nosutarujia   1997   Japan 20th Century Nostalgia
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Director:Masato Hara
Studio:Office Shirous
Writer:Masato Hara, Goro Nakajima
IMDb Rating:6.5 (62 votes)
Awards:3 wins
Duration:93 min
Masato Hara  ...  (Director)
Masato Hara, Goro Nakajima  ...  (Writer)
Ryôko Hirosue  ...  
Kimiko Yo  ...  
Kiyoshi Koga  ...  
Kichitarô Negishi  ...  (as Kichitaro Negishi)
Yôko Ôshima  ...  
Masato Hara  ...  Composer
Junichi Baba  ...  Cinematographer
Ryûji Miyajima  ...  Editor
Comments: too old, like a Hong Kong spagehtti western A/V wise

Summary: A young student believes that the spirit of an alien from another planet has gone back in time and taken over his body to infiltrate and study humanity, to find the reasons why our civilization is doomed to future destruction. He ...

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