2022   France, Japan Love Life
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Director:Kôji Fukada
Studio:Chipangu, Comme des Cinémas, Nagoya Broadcasting Network (Nagoya TV)
Writer:Kôji Fukada
IMDb Rating:7.8 (30 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:123 min
Kôji Fukada  ...  (Director)
Kôji Fukada  ...  (Writer)
Fumino Kimura  ...  
Kento Nagayama  ...  
Marika Yamakawa  ...  
Atom Sunada  ...  
Olivier Goinard  ...  Composer
Sylvie Lager  ...  Editor
Comments: Best thing I can say about this is it made me want to finally watch The Real Thing

Maybe because I watched it before breakfast? The film doesn't boil but it simmers. It's very low-key with a few stretchy plot-mover moments. Nothing explodes, but Fukada has a way of making you feel like something might

There's a cat, and Fukada shoots the neighborhoods in a way I haven't seen much of before

Bottom lines: I enjoyed spending time with Fumino Kimura's uber-understated character and I'm a sucker for the way she communicates with her ex-husband. His entrance is an explosive dud but then he becomes likable

I'm sorry

For leaving or for hitting me?

For everything

It really hurt

Summary: Taeko and her husband, Jiro, are living a peaceful existence with son, Keita. A tragic accident brings the boys father, Park, back into her life, Taeko throws herself into helping this deaf and homeless man to cope with pain and g...

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