2021   Japan Dreams on Fire
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Director:Philippe McKie
Writer:Philippe McKie
IMDb Rating:8.1 (134 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:123 min
Philippe McKie  ...  (Director)
Philippe McKie  ...  (Writer)
Bambi Naka  ...  Yume
Ikuyo Kuroda  ...  Mother
Akaji Maro  ...  Grandfather
Masahiro Takashima  ...  Hostess Club Boss
Eiji John Mitsuta  ...  Composer
James Latimer  ...  Cinematographer
Philippe McKie  ...  Editor
Comments: The opening dance scene is beautiful but the film goes completely somewhere different after it

Not enough dance, and certainly not enough interesting modern dance as the opening suggests, for a dance enthusiast to enjoy

The film is more about the rag tag exploitive choices one girl makes to fund her dance classes ... but it's no Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Cool Tokyo margins nightlife with a decent soundtrack but the film is either too creepy or unfocused to recommend

Summary: A vibrant and intoxicating look into Japanese dance and subculture communities.

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