Aru otoko   2022   Japan A Man
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Director:Kei Ishikawa
Writer:Keiichiro Hirano, Kôsuke Mukai
IMDb Rating:7 (83 votes)
Awards:1 win & 4 nominations
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Romance
Duration:121 min
Kei Ishikawa  ...  (Director)
Keiichiro Hirano, Kôsuke Mukai  ...  (Writer)
Satoshi Tsumabuki  ...  Akira Kido
Sakura Andô  ...  Rie Taniguchi
Masataka Kubota  ...  Daisuke Taniguchi
Nana Seino  ...  Misuzu Goto
Denden  ...  Kosuge
Akira Emoto  ...  Norio Komiura
Shinsuke Kato  ...  Yanagisawa
Yumi Kawai  ...  Akane
Yôko Maki  ...  Kaori Kido
Hidekazu Mashima  ...  Kyoichi Taniguchi
Taiga Nakano  ...  Daisuke Taniguchi
Miyako Yamaguchi  ...  Hatsue Takemoto
Ryûto Kondô  ...  Cinematographer
Kei Ishikawa  ...  Editor
Comments: This must be Japan's version of Oscar Bait? The pacing. The pacing!

Starts off with a rapid stumble through set up so the film can start about 30 minutes in. Oblique or mysterious after that with moments of grandeur and meaningful lines. It jams in a bit about Japanese born Koreans to signal it's with the times

All for naught. Save for Sakura Ando. What a rock

Actually, everyone in the film does a good job. I just found it tedious because of how big and important it shoots for. The pacing! I generally find myself a little lost with Japanese films that aim for complex and meaningful. There's that. I'm simply not packin' the history they're shooting with, I guess

Give me Sakura Ando as a normal person with a job in a convenience store and a couple kids ... I'm on it

Summary: Akira works as a lawyer. One day, he meets with his former client Rie, who asks Akira to perform a background check on her late husband Daisuke.

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