Hiraite   2021   Japan Unlock Your Heart
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Director:Rin Shutô
Studio:TV Man Union
Writer:Rin Shutô, Risa Wataya
IMDb Rating:6.4 (74 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:121 min
Rin Shutô  ...  (Director)
Rin Shutô, Risa Wataya  ...  (Writer)
Anna Yamada  ...  Ai Kimura
Ryûto Sakuma  ...  Tatoe Nishimura
Haruka Imô  ...  Miyuki Shindo
Yuka Itaya  ...  Yoriko Kimura
Misako Tanaka  ...  Izumi Shindo
Masato Hagiwara  ...  Takashi Nishimura
Hiroshi Yamamoto  ...  Homeroom teacher Okanoya
Aoba Kawai  ...  Japanese language teacher Fujitani
Akari Kinoshita  ...  School nurse Moriya
Miu Suzuki  ...  Mika Takeuchi
Taketo Tanaka  ...  Ken Tada
Tarô Iwashiro  ...  Composer
Hiroshi Iwanaga  ...  Cinematographer
Rin Shutô  ...  Editor
Comments: Seems less formal than the way most of these things go. Could be that an American did the English subs; could be the soundtrack; could be the director's touch

Very well played (especially Haruka Imou), and well shot, it's an enjoyable couple hours. The story is a bit shoehorned and ends abruptly on an unearned note, but a lot of what's left out, and even some of the unclear motivations of what's in, make it engaging because that's teenage life. Director Rin Shuto gets that, and gets there

Summary: Ai has had a crush forever on her classmate Tatoe. When she finds out that Tatoe is in a secret relationship with another girl, she sets out to sabotage their plans for the future.

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