1998   Japan 4444444444
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Director:Takashi Shimizu
Studio:Kansai Telecasting Corporation
Writer:Takashi Shimizu
IMDb Rating:5.6 (492 votes)
Genre:Short, Horror
Duration:3 min
Takashi Shimizu  ...  (Director)
Takashi Shimizu  ...  (Writer)
Kazushi Andô  ...  Toshio Saeki
Gary Ashiya  ...  Composer
Hitomi Shimizu  ...  Composer
Takahide Shibanushi  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Given the new Blu-ray releases of the Ju-on films I decided to re-watch the series
Katasumi In a Corner - (3.5) ... Dead kid. Pretty cool short. Shimizu's already got his aesthetic going on

4444444444 - (2.5) ... Not creepy short, really, until ... introducing Toshio

Ju-on: The Curse - (4.1) ... It's mostly soundtrack and facial work that give this its edge in creep-y. It's kind of hard to follow until you give up trying to follow it and try to just be scared somehow

Ju-on: The Curse 2 - (3.0) ... More/less fragmented skits. Losing a little steam here but still has the vibe. Nostalgic for the day when this stuff was cool and new-ish

Ju-on: The Grudge - (4.0) ... Decent reboot with a pretty high level of creepy but it's fragmented nonlinear structure works against a full embrace

Ju-on: The Grudge 2 - (3.1) ... My enthusiasm waned. At this point I found myself wishing I was re-visiting other J&K-Horror from the period instead, like:
Dark Water, Ringu stuff, The Red Shoes, Suicide Club, Whispering Corridors stuff, Phone, One Missed Call, etc. Ah, those were days

Summary: A young man receives a haunting phone call from a mysterious ghostly boy.

A young man on a bicycle is turning a corner in front of an apparently abandoned building when he begins to hear the ringing of a cell phone. (A prequel to the first version of Ju-on, 2000.)

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