2023   Japan #Manhole
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Director:Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Studio:J Storm
Writer:Michitaka Okada
IMDb Rating:6.1 (207 votes)
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Duration:99 min
Kazuyoshi Kumakiri  ...  (Director)
Michitaka Okada  ...  (Writer)
Yûto Nakajima  ...  Shunsuke Kawamura
Nao  ...  Mai Kudô
Kento Nagayama  ...  Etsurô Kase
Haru Kuroki  ...  
Takuma Watanabe  ...  Composer
Yûta Tsukinaga  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I'm watching this only because I've liked several of the director's previous films

It's pretty engaging as a man trapped in a manhole film. The social media aspects are fun

Then story rears its ugly head. I suppose it's inventive enough but I didn't need it, or need it to go as far WTF-ish as it does, although a movie about a guy trapped in a manhole who does nothing more than get rescued, or die like that guy in the movie about a guy in a coffin (I think he died. I don't remember) ... that might have felt wimpy af

Summary: A situational thriller depicting the struggle of a man who fell into a manhole.

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