2005   Japan Zoo
Zoo Image Cover
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Director:Masaki Adachi, Ryu Kaneda
Studio:Tokyo Shock
IMDb Rating:7.3 (197 votes)
Duration:120 min
Masaki Adachi, Ryu Kaneda  ...  (Director)
Otsuichi  ...  (Writer)
Patrick Harlan  ...  Gaijin
Yui Ichikawa  ...  Rimiko
Ryunosuke Kamiki  ...  
Ryôko Kobayashi  ...  Kazari and Yoko
Miyuki Matsuda  ...  
Sakamatsu Mei  ...  
Atsushi Murakami  ...  
Katô Rubi  ...  
Kenta Sugasaki  ...  The child
Tetta Sugimoto  ...  Papa
Kyoka Suzuki  ...  Mama
Ryûnosuke Kamiki  ...  
Kenta Suga  ...  The Child
Kyôka Suzuki  ...  Mama
Summary: Zoo features several tales of the macabre. In the first story, twin sisters who are treated very differently by their mother switch places with interesting results. In another segment, a group of people are held in windowless chambers awaiting death by a psychotic killer, and a young boy who has been captured with his sister moves from chamber to chamber through a narrow canal to visit with each captive to find out what's going on. In another segment a man and his girlfriend stop at an abandoned zoo on a whim, and he ends up killing her when she wants to break up with him -- only to return every day to take a picture of her as she decomposes.

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