2002   Japan Tokyo.Sora
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Director:Hiroshi Ishikawa
IMDb Rating:7.1 (187 votes)
Duration:127 min
Hiroshi Ishikawa  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Yuka Itaya  ...  Yoko
Haruka Igawa  ...  Yuki
Manami Honjô  ...  
Keishi Nagatsuka  ...  
Ayano Nakamura  ...  
Hidetoshi Nishijima  ...  
Son Seika  ...  
Ikuno Takagi  ...  
Yôko Kanno  ...  Composer
Masakazu Ato  ...  Cinematographer
Hiroshi Ishikawa  ...  Editor
Comments: I keep thinking this film by Su-ki-da [2005] and Petal Dance [2013] director Hiroshi Ishikawa will rise to the occasion. Parts of it are wonderful in their nothing-happens-ness, especially the first act about the first two unnamed girls. But then the director tries to make something happen, to create drama, with the second pair of girls (the only two that get named) Yuki and Yoko, and I'm disappointed. The third pair of girls are fine, especially the diner girl with the infectious giggle who has a crush on her boss. Maybe I'll do a fan-edit of this flick and filter out any real (fake) drama.

Summary: (Girl 1) A Taiwanese student living in Japan trying to master the Japanese language while working part-time as an Art Class model. (Girl 2) A bespectacled 25 year old girl making a living handing out complimentary tissue packets around the streets of Tokyo (Girl 3) A young college student who is just starting to begin a relationship with a fellow classmate, while also trying to come to terms with certain `body image' issues (Girl 4) A young waitress at a coffee shop who is in a one-sided love relationship with her handsome boss (Girl 5) A young aspiring hairdresser who moonlights as a Drinking Companion at a local bar and (Girl 6) a girl in her late 20s who also works as a Drinking Companion but aspires to be novel writer.

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