Honban rezu: Hazukashii taii   1994   Japan Angel in September
Angel in September Image Cover
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Director:Takahisa Zeze
Studio:Kokuei Company, Shintoho Company
Writer:Takahisa Zeze
IMDb Rating:7.3 (15 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:62 min
Takahisa Zeze  ...  (Director)
Takahisa Zeze  ...  (Writer)
Chieko  ...  
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi  ...  
Kenji Takehara  ...  Composer
Masato Nakao  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: One day, Hitomi observes her classmate Eriko stealing lipstick in a drugstore and follows her home. The two young women get to know and love each other. While the withdrawn Hitomi believes herself and Eriko to be reincarnations of angel warriors who once fought demon armies, her emancipated and apathetic friend wanders through life between sex contacts with older men and fear of falling into a boring bourgeois existence. The different futures of the two soon lead to tensions.

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